Author: Katie Silvestri

  • Spring in Quarantine

    In a time where sadness may be the easiest option, positivity still shines brighter. Every day I find a way to continue into the next with a smile. Going outside for a tan, walking several miles with my mom and sister, playing board games, inventing our own games, watching old movies, playing fetch with my…

  • Stay Busy Not Bored

    Stay Busy Not Bored

    Courtney Williams is working away on projects while we are all bored and not knowing what to do with this extra time. Her extra time has been spent on selling products online. This keeps her busy while also making a profit. She started through Facebook and her projects sparked some interest. Williams decided to see…

  • Online Recruits

    Online Recruits

    Being stuck at home hasn’t stopped Coach Monica Plut from her recruiting year for Eastern’s Women’s Lacrosse Team. Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), CaptainU, Fieldlevel, and other online recruiting websites are assisting Plut the most in her search. During this unknowing time, she has worked “to really build strong relationships with the potential players and…

  • Locked In

    Locked In

    My EOU softball games were postponed two weeks, and my mom was flying in the next day, all while I was in the middle of student teaching a class of kindergartners. Someone covered my class while I called my mom to let her know the unexpected news. Immediately, I was scrambling to know how this…