Online Recruits

Being stuck at home hasn’t stopped Coach Monica Plut from her recruiting year for Eastern’s Women’s Lacrosse Team. Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), CaptainU, Fieldlevel, and other online recruiting websites are assisting Plut the most in her search. During this unknowing time, she has worked “to really build strong relationships with the potential players and be there for them if they need someone to talk to.”

Normally, Coach Plut would be at as many players’ games as possible. She would be able to talk with the players and let them know that she truly cares about who they are beyond their athletic ability. Since Plut is unable to see them on the field and work with them in person, she has decided to contact them and lend an ear if they need to talk to someone.

Six lacrosse players have officially signed to compete for EOU Women’s Lacrosse Team. As Plut builds her team, they “are all talking a lot over [their] team chat to really get to know each other and be there for each other during this time!” Connections between players and coaches are being formed to better their team chemistry. For their season next year, the team will be all ready to compete. Plut is continuing her search for players during this time and connecting with her forming team through team chats, weekly challenges, and video calls.

Coach Plut is finding the positive in the mist of changes due to COVID-19. Now that she is at home more, Plut has taken time to “cook some awesome meals and get lots of home projects completed (she) had been putting off, getting ahead in her master’s homework, and doing yoga!” Not only does she make sure her players are well, but also, she is making sure to take the time for herself to be well. At this time, it is important to utilize what makes you happy to remain positive and healthy.

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