Stay Busy Not Bored

Courtney Williams is working away on projects while we are all bored and not knowing what to do with this extra time. Her extra time has been spent on selling products online. This keeps her busy while also making a profit. She started through Facebook and her projects sparked some interest. Williams decided to see if she could sell some of her products: dog kennels and shelves. Immediately she received multiple messages of interested buyers in her dog kennels. One sold and four more orders in the process, Williams was surprised with the amount of interest customers had shown. 

Williams had reached a level of boredom and wanted to do more than sit around all day. She remembered the amount of compliments that she had received from guests about her dog kennel she built at home. Knowing this, she decided to see what response she would get if she put out there that she would sell them. Williams received 100 messages from customers on Facebook interested in a dog kennel. She started cutting immediately. With a lack of space outside her house, she moved the furniture and set up a workshop in her living room. 

Dog kennels aren’t her only sale. She decided to build some shelves the other week and wanted to see if her facebook customers would have any interest, and yes they did. She has sold two and more are in the process. Williams built the shelves out of pine wood and plumbing metal. There are different color stains available for the wood with the darkest being the most popular.

Dog kennels and shelves are not the only thing keeping Williams busy. She has been biking, gardening her succulents, aloe vera, and strawberry plants, and making her dogs a dog bed. If you are looking for motivation during this time, Williams advises you to “let this be the time you use your creative side.” Rather than being bored, find something to do that makes you happy! If you have a dog and need a kennel or would like some nice shelves check out her site

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