Spring in Quarantine

In a time where sadness may be the easiest option, positivity still shines brighter. Every day I find a way to continue into the next with a smile. Going outside for a tan, walking several miles with my mom and sister, playing board games, inventing our own games, watching old movies, playing fetch with my dog, playing catch, and even doing TikTok dances with my younger sister. These are all ways I find a time to smile and take in what I am thankful for. 

My family and I have made it a priority to learn more about each other with the amount of time spent at home. It was sparked by a game show about newlyweds and their ability of how well they know each other. My mom, sister, and I all wrote ten questions and answered them for ourselves and our other family members. Whoever knew everyone the best got a prize that would be decided by those that lost. It truly opened my eyes to know that there are still aspects I do not know about my younger sister that I share a bedroom with. 

Every night at dinner we each come up with a deep question and take the time to talk about our answers. Last night’s question was “what is your deepest fear?” Luckily, my family is already close so we were all comfortable with honestly answering this question. It was interesting to hear my parents’ fears. Using dinner as a time to learn about each other makes it so we can all meet up at one time and still have time for our Zoom classes, staff meetings, homework, work from home, and all the other virtual obligations we have in our day.

I would advise you to take this time to learn more about your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, friend, grandma, grandpa, aunt, or uncle. Whether it is face to face or over a call or text, it shows people you care and want to know more about them. This is also a way to get closer to people even if you are separated from each other at this time. Find something that makes you smile and make time for that every day, whether it is a couple minutes or several hours. Positivity will always shine through darkness.

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