Author: Hannah Pulliam

  • President Ryan’s First Year

    I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Eastern Oregon University’s new President, Kelly Ryan. She is a fun, bubbly presence, who has a huge heart for all of the students on and off campus. As a military kid, Ryan has lived everywhere, but is most recently coming from the University of Indiana Southeast,…

  • The H2O Show

    The H2O Show

    As always, the Eastern Oregon University Music Department’s annual big show was a wondrous success. As seen in the past, the show was sold out almost every night. Following the H2O theme, the show was filled with fun, upbeat songs that stuck with the overall concept, featuring rivers and oceans. The show began with a…

  • The H20 Show
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    The H20 Show

    As the winter months begin, the days ahead can seem dreary and dark. Snow begins to pile on the roads, and the clouds block out the sun, eliminating any thoughts of the glories of summer. Eastern Oregon University strives to make campus a safe and exciting  environment for its students during these months. The school…

  • EOU… The next exodus?

    EOU… The next exodus?

    An empty EOU campus. Just 27% of students stay at EOU for all four years. Picture by Kenzie Whaley. Why are so many students leaving Eastern Oregon University by the dozens? Why is the majority of the student population freshman undergraduates? Why have only 27% of students stuck it out long enough to stay until…