The H2O Show

As always, the Eastern Oregon University Music Department’s annual big show was a wondrous success. As seen in the past, the show was sold out almost every night. Following the H2O theme, the show was filled with fun, upbeat songs that stuck with the overall concept, featuring rivers and oceans. The show began with a bang, opening with “Welcome to The Rock,” calling to the audience with an engaging, fast-paced introduction. 

As one of the performers, I find that the energy the audience brings always makes a huge difference! After performing the first two shows, trying to keep that energy for the last performance is sometimes draining, but seeing how the audience reacts gives us everything we need to keep going. Tears, laughs and standing ovations from the audience fuel the performers and let us know that we’re doing everything right. 

The cast and crew are always left exhausted by the end of the 5 week ordeal, ready to rest and recuperate. Though it is one of the most fun experiences that I have had at Eastern Oregon University, it can be draining on all those involved. After dance rehearsals everyday, sitzprobe and extra rehearsals during show week, everyone is relieved when we can all take time off to recover. 

The annual show is always an emotional experience for the choir members, whether it be the music, the setting, or even seeing how far you’ve come. Something special that we do as a choir after the show is a little award ceremony that characterizes each and every person involved and praises them on their performance. Two particularly fun titles this year were dubbed “King of Rock,” given to Trevor Winder for his mind-blowing performance of “Smoke On the Water,” and “Barbie Streisand,” awarded to Hanah Johnson for her rendition of “Don’t Rain On My Parade.”

All of the intricacies and tiny details that make the show what it is could not be possible without a few very special people. Xiola Ray-Durrell was our amazing costume designer and, without her, the picture would not have come to life. Backstage would have been true chaos without Katie Burke, the backstage manager and hype woman. Austin Nash ran the tech booth and was responsible for making all the singers project so beautifully. Our wonderful choreographer Michelle Benton also doubled as a light technician for all three shows, cheering us on from above and controlling the ambiance of the stage. Special thanks are also in order to the amazing live band who performed on stage, adding an extra layer of magic and wonder. And last, but certainly not least, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Peter Wordleman for his outstanding orchestration of the entire event. His meticulous planning and dedication ensured that the show ran seamlessly, delivering an unforgettable experience that truly honored our audience.

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