The Sixteenth

This is the sixteenth win in a row for the Eastern Oregon University’s Women’s Basketball Team. With starting five on the court, Maya Ah You Dias, Maren Herrud, Madison Crews, Beverly Slater, and Emma Logan, the tip-off was ours. Immediately Ah You Dias took it to the basket and the game was on. Within just a couple minutes, Andi Warn came in and scored several points. The opponent Corban had their starting five out there, Treasure Farmer, Emily Yost, Abby Forsyth, Kendra Murphy, and Jordan Rasberry. Four of the five Corban starters were the highest scorers of their team. Yost with a total of 10 points, Farmer with a total of 13 points, Rasberry with a total of 10 points, and Forsyth with a total of 9 points. By the end of the first quarter, Eastern was already in the lead with 25 -14.

EOU’s head coach Anji Wiessenfluh decided to have the girls play zone defense in the beginning. As Corban started to come back within three or four shots of EOU, the defense changed to man-on-man, every Mountie player defended their assigned Corban player. Eastern continued to hold the lead as the half neared with a score of 42 – 30. Fans roared as the Mounties came back on the court for the third quarter. Ah You Dias scoring a total 27 points, Slater with 13, and Herrud and Warn scoring 9, the win was clinched. The stands were packed with people of all ages who cheered the Mountaineers on till buzzer sounded. The women’s basketball team worked well together to be able to get their sixteenth win in a row. Sixteen wins and there is still more season to come for these hard-working basketball players.

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