Lacrosse is Hitting the Field

Coming from Colorado, Monica Plut has been hired as the head coach of the EOU Women’s Lacrosse Team. She is more than excited to bring lacrosse to the university. EOU will be the second National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics school to have a women’s lacrosse team.

She is currently getting her master’s degree in sports psychology and has a bachelor’s degree in business. These two skills set her apart from other coaches. Using her psychology background, Plut checks in with her players on and off the field. She not only can help her team become stronger physically but also mentally. 

Her business degree will help with finances and scheduling for the future. For this year specifically, she can utilize her knowledge to recruit players. Plut will be building the women’s lacrosse program at Eastern. This isn’t the first time that she has built a program; the last time was in Colorado. Building a team and program is something that excites Plut because she knows that means the sport she loves is expanding. 

Plut will be recruiting from all over  the country because her connections span 45 of the 50 states. As she is a US Lacrosse Coaching Trainer, she has experience assisting other coaches to become better at their jobs. Each time she works with a coach she makes a connection, and Plut will be utilizing those contacts to put a team together.The rest of this school year, her focus is to form a team and recruit players. When recruiting, she will be looking for the players with heart, “I’m looking for drive. I’m looking for heart.” Heart is not something you can teach, though you can develop their catching and throwing skills. Her philosophy is get the players that have that drive,, and she can help them with the rest.

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