EOU Sports Schedule

It is time to start yet another Spring season of EOU sports! The past few years have been particularly trying for sports teams all across the country, including Eastern Oregon. The COVID-19 pandemic made it almost impossible to practice and compete cohesively in ways that would yield real results. The 2023 season has been relatively sickness-free so far and all of our athletes have been able to compete in their respective sports. 

To really end the Winter 2022-2023 season with a bang, EOU’s women’s basketball team finished the season as #2 in the CCC (Cascade Collegiate Conference). Two Mounties, Beverly Slater and Sailor Liefke, were both named All-Americans. Slater was nominated for the 3rd team All-American and Liefke was named 1st team All-American. The team as a whole made it through the CCC championships and onto NAIA national championships. 

Both men’s and women’s soccer teams did well in their fall season, with both teams making it to the CCC championships. The men’s team ended their season with a 9-8-2 record, while women’s standing was 12-4-3. 

Moving on to men’s wrestling, the Mounties showed up to represent. Their overall record was 8-2. Putting up a good fight throughout the entire season, they made it through the CCC championships coming in at 3rd and onto NAIA nationals in 12th place. Women’s wrestling did much the same, making it to CCC championships in 4th place and NAIA nationals in 12th place with an overall record of 6-3 for the season. 

Spring sports are underway with our very own Mounties participating in baseball, softball, track and field, and women’s lacrosse. Many of these teams are new programs and with ever-changing coaches, they are just getting on their feet. The track and field team was just recently given an indoor field house that was opened in October. The Field House creates new opportunities for the team, with an advantage at competition away from the harsh weather conditions. 

Men’s baseball has had a rough start to their season, but it’s not over yet. With a current record of 1-27, they are struggling to get on their feet, but with 14 games yet to go, they are well on their way to reclaiming the season. 

Women’s softball sits at a comfortable 20-10 record and are on the right path to make it all the way to championships. With 18 games left to go in their season, they should be confident in their standings. 

Both men’s and women’s track and field have been putting up a tough fight since December, when their season started. Men’s indoor season overall placement at the indoor NAIA championships was 39th, and women’s was 34th. Including both the CCC and NAIA championships, both teams have 10 meets left, and are hopeful they will end the outdoor season with an improvement from the indoor season. 

Finally, women’s lacrosse is a new sport for Eastern Oregon. This is only their 3rd season, and they have just hired a new coach, Bobbye Pendleton. Their record is currently 0-6, but being such a new team, they are working their way up to victory. They have three more games; two are against Corban University, who have been rivals since the beginning of the program, and one last home game versus Multnomah University. 

For additional information about EOU athletics, specifically schedules and updates, please visit the Eastern Oregon Athletics website: https://eousports.com/index.aspx 

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