EOU Athletics Schedule Update

As with many departments at Eastern Oregon University, athletics has not been spared disruption as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ongoing health concerns and talks with the Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC) continue to cause shifts with EOU athletics. Fortunately for students and fans, most sporting events, including baseball/softball, cross country, football, lacrosse, track and field, soccer and volleyball, are a go for winter and spring terms. 

Unfortunately, both basketball and wrestling have been delayed to at least spring term with no event schedules currently available. On December 21, the CCC canceled the 2021 men’s and women’s wrestling championships, stating, “each school will retain the opportunity to host the 2022 championships.” The following day, the CCC also cancelled the 2021 men’s and women’s basketball season for the duration of winter. This decision came after Walla Walla University, Evergreen State College and Southern Oregon University each independently dropped out of the season due to health concerns. CCC director Robert Cashell remains sympathetic and hopeful that both sports will resume when possible. 

Men’s and women’s soccer have fared much better and games are planned through May, with the first men’s event completed February 3 and the first women’s event set for February 20. Both groups have 17 games scheduled. The NAIA national championships open April 15 for women’s soccer and April 22 for men’s, concluding with the national championship finals on May 3 for women’s and May 10 for men’s. Major changes have occured to the season’s organization, however. On January 6, the CCC announced some modifications to the spring soccer schedules. Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, participating universities will be split into two divisions, East and West. Additionally, the CCC has canceled the postseason tournament with guaranteed qualifications to the post being granted to the top men and women’s teams of each division.

Likewise, volleyball has been spared full cancellation and is scheduled through May with the first event set for February 19. There are 20 games scheduled with CCC championships opening April 9 and NAIA national championships opening April 27. Volleyball concludes on May 1 with the NAIA national championship finals. As with soccer, there are changes to the season structure. On February 9, the CCC announced that volleyball will be following a hybrid tournament schedule but is likely to return to the standard schedule by mid March. The specifics of this schedule are as follows, “the hybrid schedule has the College of Idaho and Lewis-Clark State College each hosting three other CCC teams in a tournament-style format in which each team will be able to play four matches in a weekend. The tournament-style contests will take place at each campus the weekends of February 19-20 and March 5-6.” 

Other sports have escaped without any disruptive overhauls to their season organization. Men’s baseball, recently brought back after a 14-year hiatus, and women’s softball are planned through May with their first events just completed February 13th. There are 41 games scheduled for men’s baseball and 53 games scheduled for women’s softball. Baseball concludes with the CCC championship on May 6 and softball on May 7.

Men and women’s cross country are planned through April with their first events completed back on November 20 for the Duel in the Dirt. Both groups have five games scheduled concluding with the NAIA national championships on April 9.   

Football is scheduled through April with the first event set for March 20, following prior rescheduling. The short 4-games season concludes April 10 against Southern Oregon University.

Lacrosse, EOU’s newest women’s sport, is planned through April with the first event set for February 20. With 11 games scheduled, lacrosse will conclude on April 18 against Corban University.  

Finally, Men and women’s track and field are planned through May with the first event of the indoor season completed February 6. There are four games scheduled for both groups with the indoor season concluding March 3-6 for the NAIA indoor championships. The outdoor season is set to open May 14-15 and conclude May 26-28 for the NAIA outdoor championships. 

For additional information regarding the EOU athletics schedule, specific event details and ongoing schedule changes and restrictions, please visit the EOU athletics webpage. Further information and updates can also be found on the CCC official website. Links provided

EOU Athletics: https://eousports.com/index.aspx

CCC: https://cascadeconference.org/index.aspx

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