Baseball is Back

Mike McInerney was hired for head coach of Eastern Oregon University’s baseball team. Building a new program at a competitive university in his home state, Oregon, was the big draw in for McInerney. He wanted to help continue keeping players in the Northwest and knew the community would support having baseball back at EOU. 

For the last eight years, McInerney has been the pitching coach for Western Oregon University. He had made his impact as a pitching coach and was looking for an opportunity to be more. EOU has been wanting to start their baseball program again for sometime and McInerney found it the right fit for him to join as head coach. 

He will not be in this alone as he has the support of the school and will be finding other coaches to begin the foundation of Eastern Baseball with him. His hope is to have a team of coaches that includes a recruiter, pitching coach and other assistant coaches. While McInerney is searching for coaches, he will also be keeping his eye out for some fielding talent. 

Coach Mike is on the lookout for his new team. A combination of Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) players, high schoolers, and players looking for a better fit than Division 1 of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will make it on his lineup. NWAC players are from community colleges and NCAA division-one players are from universities in the top rank for baseball.

This combination of athletes continues to build on his idea of keeping talent in the Northwest. Coach Mike believes that in the surrounding areas of EOU he will find his whole team. He will be pulling from Boise, Portland, Washington and other surrounding baseball communities will build Eastern’s baseball program. His ideal is to have about 40 athletes to field his baseball team. This gives him a range of possibilities to have multiple players in each position to compete against each other for the starting spot.

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