Eastern Student Entertainment Goes to National Association for College Activities

“Honestly there was so much talent and acts of all kinds, magicians, artists, musicians, comedians, etc. There was a juggler/comedian who I thought was funny, the magicians were impressive,” shared Hunter Schiess, an Eastern Student Entertainment (ESE) event coordinator. From magicians to musicians, and everything in between, the ESE event coordinators got to witness an abundance of talent. Their one goal through all of this was to find the talent that they could bring to Eastern Oregon University. Using their diverse knowledge of the students at EOU along with insights from students, they are able to make the choice of which of these performers should and can come to Eastern. 

ESE went to the National Association for College Activities (NACA) which was at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado from February 22 to the 26. Seven ESE event coordinators had the opportunity to go and watch amazing acts perform. Beyond seeing the acts and recruiting them, the students get to learn how to better coordinate events on our own campus. Each of the six days, the students gather at the Convention Center and then are directed to either performances to watch and hopefully recruit the talent or be taught tricks about marketing for larger crowds.

The ESE event coordinators learned about marketing and tips to draw big crowds to on-campus events. Their goal is to bring the students together with their activities and performers. A meeting will commence soon to discuss who should and can be brought to Eastern at some point in the future. With the entire campus classes going online now due to COVID-19, Eastern Student Entertainment will be using their skills to see what they can do while everyone is not on campus for Spring Quarter. They will definitely be able to implement their new skills from NACA in the 2020-2021 academic year. 

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