Transitional Spaces: A Look into Susan Murrell’s Artwork



January 12th, Friday night at 6pm Art Professor, Susan Murrell, opened up her art for all of us to see. These works of art were created during her sabbatical year and are absolutely excellent. Many people from near and far stepped in on Friday for some refreshments and looking deeply into the great pieces of Susan Murrell. Her masterpieces had great depth and were constructed on a multitude of black and dark navy canvas. Murrell’s art consisted of places from another dimension, gorgeous islands, and caves of wonders. In this exhibit called Transitional Spaces, there are thirteen pieces displayed, as well as structure that frames the blank space in the gallery. In this structuring, Professor Murrell has allowed her visitors to take a step into her artwork. Four of her works are all part of the same title “we are all cosmic dust” and another four are under the title “Extant”, all of which are utterly magnificent. I highly recommend stopping in at the Nightingale Gallery in Loso Hall between the hours of 11am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. Her art will be displayed until February 9, 2018 and lucky for us she will be talking about her art on the 8th of February at 4pm.


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