Through the Eyes of the Artist

Nightingale gallery

A new art gallery opened up this last Friday resembling way more than art hung on a wall. These paintings, pictures, and displays together make up four student’s capstone projects. The deeper meaning of this art makes it more beautiful than just taking in the fantastic art itself. When I walked in a postcard of the art gallery, a sticker of one of the student’s paintings, and a book with a write up from each artist on how they connect to their piece welcomed me. The backstory gave a full image to each painting and helped connect you to the artist behind each piece of art. Berenice Chavez Meraz has a total of seven photos in this gallery and each surround family. Displaying how Berenice feels about her family, love, and what her mother means to her. She uses angles and lighting in simplistic ways though captures moments that create a moment that people can relate to and understand on a level further than that of the lens. Audrey Lind has four huge pieces around the gallery that celebrate her thoughts on animals and how humans need to come closer to animals. She symbolized this by anthromorphisizing the animals. The angles of each painting change your perception of what each picture is. Haley White takes average or vintage photos and turns them into something real yet in an alternate dimension. She brings life to each of her pieces through her creativity of changing the original photo to the universe she sees it. Tanisha Willis’  display takes the circle area of the Nightingale Gallery with her version of the world. She takes each piece of art and portrays what she wants to see in the world through them. Tanisha’s art pushes thought to the forefront with making the audience think about how they feel and what they may attach to in the display. Intersections is the name that holds all this art together and has brought these four artists and their art into one room. Students, staff, and any other audience should check out the work of Berenice Chavez Meraz, Audrey Lind, Haley White, and Tanisha Willis. It is thought-provoking work that will catch its audience in awe. This gallery will be open until May 10th, and I invite as many people to come to see these art pieces while they are available.

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