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On March 14, 2019, The Jack Maybe Project performed live at Ten Depot at 7 p.m. The Jack Maybe Project is currently on a tour around Oregon with a few stops in Washington along the way. Their next stop will be in Portland on March 20.

The Jack Maybe Project is made up of two people plus others that rotate through. Jack Maybe and Bry Sawyers is a pair of wonderful singers that can pair along with just about anyone. Jack Maybe is skilled on the guitar, and Bry Sawyers has a voice that can take a person out of their seat. Even the drummer couldn’t help but sing along.

During their performance at Ten Depot, as soon as they began their first song there were already people dancing to their music. Couples young and old were enjoying their upbeat jazz-folk tunes. On their website, they captivate their music perfectly: “Jack Maybe was forged in the fires of the American sound. The sirens of Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Bluegrass grew nearby and he was able to learn their tunes. Through the centuries, he found different beasts who were his kin, and together they began to sing the songs of the Old Monsters who roamed the earth before they. The monsters change form and ferocity, but the songs remain the same.”

Live music at Ten Depot is always a treat worth enjoying. This month there will be several more events: Tuesday, March 19, there will be an open mic night with Ashely O’Toole hosting; Thursday, March 21, there will be the Rob Scheps Quartett; and the next Thursday, March 28, Kory Quinn will be back at Ten Depot as well. Ten Depot is worth the splurge to have a great night with music and food.



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