Crafting for College 

Interview by Grace Shirk

Artwork Lassen Sells to save money for tuition. Picture provided by Stephanie Lassen

Sculptor and EOU student Stephanie Lassen. Picture provided by Stephanie Lassen 

Stephanie Lassen is a sculptor and anthropology major, with an emphasis in sociology, at Eastern Oregon University. Although she is based in Colorado, Lassen has put a great deal of time and effort toward helping the EOU student body. 

From the moment she learned about the writing tutor program, before realizing it was a paid position, she was determined to become a part of it. Lassen feels passionately about her position, and says that “writing, beyond anything else, is how we communicate … this is where ideas come from and I want everyone to have the chance to have great ideas.”

In addition to her position as a writing tutor, Lassen is slated to present at the writing conference next month–if she is able to attend spring term, that is. 

Between her car breaking down and her family’s house burning down, Lassen has faced a series of challenges throughout the last year that have drained the savings she set aside for her education. She is currently $4,000 short of being able to enroll for spring term. 

To raise money for tuition, Lassen started a “Critters for College” campaign. She sculpts collegiate-themed polymer clay creatures—like a ghost writing with a pencil or a dragon holding a book—and hides them in her local area. After hiding her creations, Lassen posts photos of them in a Facebook group and community members begin hunting for them. 

Although the sculptures found through this game are free, each one comes with an attached QR code linked to her fundraising website where people can donate as a token of appreciation. 

Lassen also offers different rewards for donating: two creature keychains for $20+ donations, a handmade dragon sculpture for $80+ donations, a commission for $150+ donations, and a dragon-themed dice display model for $200+ donations. 

In addition to her “Critters for College” campaign, Lassen has an e-commerce shop named Diverse Dimensions. Through Diverse Dimensions she sells dragon, kawaii, steampunk, zodiac, holiday, pride, and video game themed creature sculptures. She also sells sculpture dice displays and functional boxes. 

A self-declared “super nerd,” Lassen owned and operated a video game and card game store in Las Vegas for ten years before transitioning into the tech world. After being laid off from her tech job during the pandemic, Lassen returned to school to pursue new paths. This is what brought her to EOU. 

Lassen hopes that she can present at the writing conference next term and resume her position as a writing tutor. She has a passion for teaching and says that, “I’ve always known since the first day I walked into a kindergarten classroom that I’d probably be a teacher one day.” 

If you would like to support Stephanie Lassen, you can find her “Critters for College” campaign at and her e-commerce website at

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