Abandoned and Begged-For Art Auction

Pictures, sculptures, molds, paintings, screen prints, and all creations of art, were on display in the Loso Hall lobby on November 21st for the Abandoned and Begged-For Art Auction. This art auction was put on by the EOU Art Club, which is made up of art majors and students who love art. Donated by local famed artists and abandoned students’ art, the collection was a wide variety of pieces. Some of these pieces included handcrafted mugs, a sculpture named CD Boy (a sculpture of a boy’s face made entirely of melted CDs), vases, a painting of a tree with lungs as its roots, a sculpture of a frog prince, a mold of three owls perched over a small wooden bowl, and hundreds more. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. a silent auction ensued, then from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. a live auction held the audience’s attention.

During the silent auction, there were refreshments set out for the guests. This display of food brought together a community of college students, families in La Grande, professors, and connoisseurs of art. People sat at the tables and chatted, while others observed the art, and still others stood for the mere fact of enjoying an evening out while in the presence of said art. A grab and go table was set up for those searching for art without having to bid. After the silent bidding war was over, paddles were drawn, seats were taken, and the live auction was ready to begin.

The works in the live auction were all donated by local talented artists. A painting of a sunflower with honeycomb as the root of the plant, hand-blown glasses, a creation of gold chains hanging from a painted backing, and an abstract night sky were just some of the items that were bid on during the live auction. The work that created the most attention and paddle raising was the painting of the gorgeous sunflower. Taking home the sunflower was a real joy for the new owner as they had beat out the other bidders. All of the proceeds went to the EOU Art Club, those that hosted the auction, as well as to the Kat Galloway Memorial Scholarship, which is given to a promising art majoring junior to prepare them for their senior year. The EOU Art Club uses these funds for supplies, field trips, and other club activities. To sum up, the crowd enjoyed the night and now what was once abandoned art has new owners that cherish their worth.

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