From the Palauan Islands to the Eastern Oregon Frontier

This is Jemilee Siliang’s first year at EOU. Jemilee, a junior, is originally from Palau. Palau is a small, remote island nation in the western Pacific Ocean, surrounded by marine habitats and a widely biodiverse barrier reef. 

Meanwhile, here in Eastern Oregon, in the throes of the dark winter, Jemilee has admitted that keeping a good sleep schedule has been challenging. Otherwise, Winter term has been going well for Jemilee. She uses a positive mindset to stay motivated and excited about going to class. Jemilee also appreciates the tutoring services that EOU provides—although, she believes additional services could help her stay on task, such as the school hosting study nights at the library and learning center. Jemilee believes that this could help EOU feel more accessible to international students like herself. 

Jemilee’s favorite professor is Dr. Les Mueller, who has been teaching at EOU’s College of Business since 2004. As a business major with a concentration in leadership and management, she is very excited to take another class with him. She chose her major to help prepare for the workplace setting by developing interpersonal and communication skills. Despite it differing from her chosen field of study, her dream job is video editing.

Jemilee chose EOU because of its affordability and reputation for transferring the most credits possible for incoming students. Her favorite part of college is the “feeling of independence and power” — she can manage her own schedule and decide how she wants to live as a young adult. Along with studying, Jemilee and her friends “travel to lots of places, have new experiences, and learn many new things.” 

When asked who inspired her to pursue higher education, Jemilee states that, while her family has been there for support and advice, she has been her own inspiration. “I want to thank me for not giving up and [for] being there for me. And for motivating me to pursue higher education for my parents and my future goals.” 

We asked Jemilee what her favorite new bingeable show is. Although Outer Banks was the most binge-worthy show last year, Wednesday, streaming on Netflix, now takes the prize. 

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