Student Elections are here!

Eastern Oregon University has had a student government since 1929, when the university became public. The executive board consists of a president and eight senators, and the senate is elected by popular vote. There is also a judicial board which consists of three justices who are elected by the senate. In addition to the justices, there are four officers for specific affairs, as well as directors for political, financial, and campus affairs, along with diversity and equity. 

This organization advocates for their fellow students by representing these different areas. They are passionate about making a change, and strive to let the voices of students on campus be heard. Elections are coming up for the 2022-2023 academic year, and some of your fellow classmates are running for elections. 

Candidates for senators:

  1. Calvin Bennett: “I want to increase the student graduation rate by making student life at EOU more engaging and inclusive.” Slogan: “Making EOU better for you.”
  2. Hailey Hochhalter: “I think student voices are incredibly important. . . I think our student government has a lot of potential to accomplish great things.”
  3. Tim Fecht: “I will represent you better than any one of the other candidates. I promise to show up to meetings and vote on issues as I see best for the university as a whole.”
  4. Elaina Robison: “I believe that this university should be doing everything they can to make every student feel safe, welcomed, and cared about.”
  5. Chayann Partain: “I strongly believe that having a voice as a student is important.” Slogan: “It is not about the ideas, it is about making things happen.”
  6. Isaac Insko: “One of my goals is to make ASEOU a government that does not prioritize one group over another and establishes equal opportunities for all students.”
  7. Julian Harris

Candidates for position of president:

  1. Justin Gardner: “It is my hope to represent the interests of students of color and students of any gender or sexual identity, so that these students will be treated with respect and recognition for the unique hardships they endure.”
  2. Caitlyn Cevallos: “I want to increase student retention and bring more life to our campus.”
  3. Haley Virtue: “Put Virtue behind your voice.”

ASEOU not only advocates for students, but are working together to create a student-centered university and seek solutions to all interests. Votes are welcomed and encouraged beginning February 22nd and ending March 13th. There will be an announcement on Canvas, so be on the lookout for it! Vote so you know who is representing EOU’s student population. 

For more information about senator and presidential candidates, please visit their instagram: @aseou1929, and their website:

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