Planning Your Next Step After Graduation

Midterms have come to a close, and we are starting to see the finish line of Spring term nearing. For many this is their last term at EOU and will soon be graduating. Some of them may have realized how easy it can be to end up losing yourself in your studies, just trying to get through the term or your final school year. Often the end of this long hard journey can quickly sneak up on you, leaving you shocked thinking you had more time. So, what do you do when you’re standing diploma in hand and have no idea what to do next? Here are a few options to get your started:


Moving back home may not be an option for everyone, but for those that can this is a great opportunity to allow yourself more time to figure out your next step. Ask loved one’s for advice or spend time questioning yourself on what it is you want and what you would need to do to get it. Another option is moving to a different city or country. Sometimes you don’t know what you want, and a new environment can help you discover yourself or potentially lead you to amazing new opportunities that wouldn’t have been available to you before.

Get an Internship

Take advantage of websites like Handshake and LinkedIn to apply for internships related to your career of interest. An internship allows you to gain experience applying your schooling to the real world and exposes you to the ins and outs of your field of interest. This is a low stakes way of determining whether a type of job or industry is right for you while also building your resume. Even more convenient are the vast variety of opportunities available due to the increase in remote internships.  No longer do you have to move cities or be the lost intern running around the office. Now you can gain work experience from the comfort of your own home. 

Find a Job

Gaps in your resume may not be ideal for some, so it’s a good idea to either get a job related to your degree or a filler job to pay bills and buy you time to think carefully about your next move. If this is the route you decide, keep in mind that this job doesn’t have to be forever. You can always change jobs or careers at any point in your life so try not to let yourself get into the mentality that you are stuck where you are. Websites you can check out for any kind of job are Handshake, LinkedIn, and Indeed. 

Apply for Graduate School

Graduate school may not be the right move for everyone and their career. It can be expensive and depending on your career, may or may not be helpful for you in the long run. But for those who know that they would benefit from graduate school, should set aside time to research what school and program would be right for them. This option requires planning ahead of time due to most graduate schools ending their admissions by January. Cost of tuition and available opportunities for financial aid or scholarships are something to consider when applying for graduate school as well. 


For those who want to help make a change in the world, volunteering might be right for you. There are many kinds of volunteer opportunities at home and abroad. These include volunteer work in wildlife or marine conservation, medical services, human rights advocacy, childcare, and much more. Popular Organizations to look at are Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity, International Volunteer HQ, United Nations Volunteers, and Global Volunteers.

Before moving on to the next step in your life, remember to allow yourself time to be proud and celebrate your hard work. Getting a college degree isn’t easy. There are a lot of trials and tribulations that you faced and overcame along the way. Don’t let all that time and hard work be overshadowed by the fears of the future, it can wait.

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