Ways Remote Students Can Connect to Other College Students

Remote learning can be beneficial for self-motivated students who prefer a more flexible schedule, but it does leave little opportunity to connect with other students. Opting for a non-traditional college experience doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the qualities that make college life fun. Here are a few ways that remote students can enhance their college experience and connect to other students.

Joining a School Club 

While there isn’t a large variety, there are some clubs that accept remote members. If a club’s information page doesn’t list if they allow remote members, try emailing them for clarification. 

Joining Virtual Groups

Virtual groups on social media like Facebook have grown quite popular since the pandemic began. The large variety in types of groups will make it easy to join other college students and people with similar interests. 

Social Media 

Social media has allowed people from great distances to connect and feel closer to each other. It may feel strange but looking through mutual friends or following students from the same school can open doors to virtual friendships. Remote learning doesn’t have to stop you from making college friends, that is the beauty of the internet. 

Taking Advantage of Breakout Rooms

This option may not be accessible to every remote student. For students that have zoom classes, breakout rooms can be a great way to connect with others. There might be fear and awkward feelings when your professor separates students into breakout rooms but taking a leap of confidence and starting the conversation could come with great reward. This is an opportunity to learn, share ideas, and potentially make a new friend.

Although remote learning can invoke feelings of isolation, there are plenty of ways to connect with other students, feel more involved in your school, and enrich your college experience. Whether you choose a traditional or non-traditional route, everyone deserves to enjoy college life to the fullest.

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