The Stress Less Event

On March 6 the Eastern Oregon University Fieldhouse was home to a large event intended to help Eastern’s students unwind in light of the upcoming finals week. The event, called Stress Less, was attended by hundreds of students. 

Students were given a “passport” that listed all the activities available, and when a student completed each activity, it was initialed off by those working the booth. As students prepared to leave, they received raffle tickets correlating to the amount of booths they went to.

The Stress Less event boasted a wide variety of activities and booths for the students to enjoy. There were cup games, science experiments, massages and pizza, as well as an animal corner with puppies, pigs and miniature horses. These activities were put on by several organizations and clubs on campus, as well as the larger community of La Grande.

Of all the booths, the animals were perhaps the most popular. Students and faculty reported enjoying interacting with the pigs and puppies, as well as feeding the miniature horses. Throughout the entire event, large crowds were gathered around all the animals.

Students reported having a lot of fun de-stressing, so, all in all, the event appeared to be a fantastic success! A special thanks to all the groups and volunteers who made this all possible!

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