International Student Association Annual Dinner and Show

international dinner show


February 23rd marked the 31st annual Dinner and Show put on by Eastern Oregon University’s International Student Association. The show brought together countries from all over the world and represented them through a multitude of talents with the theme “Global Celebration.” The night kicked off with a buffet of meals from across the globe, including authentic dishes from Nigerian Jollof rice and chicken to French crepes. After dinner, the audience moved to Loso Hall where the students showed off their talents in various dances, songs, and performances. The event showcased different holidays, special events, and traditions from different cultures. Weeks of hard work and long practices paid off for these students who captivated the audience with each individual performance. Every student and staff member involved in making this event possible deserves immense praise and recognition for the time and talent put into creating such a lovely celebration of cultural diversity and the students we have here at the university. The dinner and show were a huge success and represented just how much unique and diverse talent can be found here at EOU.


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