Empowering Women with EOU’s Newest Club

During the current academic school year, two brave young women, Salome Bonnin and Courtney Daniel, created a new club on campus. Both of these talented women are on the Cheer and Dance team, and are dedicated to their academics. Salome’s major is Business Administration, and Courtney’s major is Education. With this club, they hope to inspire and create valuable relationships between women on campus.

The club is called “Em-Power.” They chose this name because it represents what the club’s goals and mission are. Salome states that as club founders, they want to “give the opportunity for women to dance, have fun, and improve their skills.” Em-Power is a dance club that is dedicated to women who want to empower themselves and other women. Both ladies express that “the purpose of this club is to help women be more confident in themselves through dancing. This will empower women by showing them how to move in their bodies and how strong they can be. Dance can help women to carry themselves with pride and explore their femininity.”

The style of dance is different; the goal is self-expression, and embodiment where confidence will be gained. There are a variety of styles and skills that will be taught. Salome says she wants to “make women feel free to express themselves in a safe environment, to learn to love themselves, and relieve stress through dancing.” 

The first club meeting will be March 2, 2022 in the Hoke Student Union building, room 301 at 6 p.m. To gain new members and showcase their foundation, Em-Power is hosting a performance showcasing the talent of women who are aspiring activists and looking to empower other women. The date and time of the gathering is April 8, 2022 at 7 p.m. in McKenzie Theater. The event is free, and prizes will be awarded to the first three winners. Em-Power is open to all active EOU students.

This club is a great way to grow individually and meet other women with the same passion and interest. For more information regarding when and where the meetings will be held, and rehearsal times, follow their instagram page @eouem_power or email the club directorempower-group@eou.edu

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