Song of Granite

“Song of Granite”: A Unique Cultural Event

Sean-Nós Singing filled Huber Auditorium on Thursday, March 14th. The free screening of the film “Song of Granite” was a great opportunity for EOU students, faculty, and outside community members to portray the unique aspects of a different culture. The words “Sean-Nós” mean “old style”. This singing dates back hundreds of years and has been handed down orally from generation to generation. It is often thought of as pure traditional Irish music. The film portrays a stylized biography of the most famous Sean-Nós singer, Joe Heaney, and his journey in becoming the Irish folk singer that he was.

What made this screening so spectacular was that visiting Professor Sean Williams was able to be in attendance. Sean Williams is a professor of Ethnomusicology from Evergreen State and has had personal ties with the Sean-Nós singer Joe Heaney. Professor Williams is actually depicted by an actress in the film. Before watching the film, Professor Williams was able to say a few words and also answered several questions at the end of the screening. On Friday the 15th, Professor Williams was also able to conduct a free Sean-Nós performance and workshop.

This screening was primarily funded by the EOU Foundation, and the Anthropology and Music departments worked together to put on this event. The Multicultural Center graciously donated refreshments for those in attendance.

Since being on campus, I have been able to attend several events similar to this. Our campus works tremendously hard to ensure that students are provided with ample amounts of events and resources that can benefit our learning and increase our ability to be culturally responsive. This event truly served as an exceptional opportunity to gain perspective and cultural appreciation.

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