Bewildered Exhibition Shows at Nightingale Gallery

The newest exhibition at EOU’s Nightingale Gallery, Bewildered, features the work of northwest artists M. Acuff, Renee Couture, and Carolyn Hopkins. Viewed as a collective, the exhibition explores the artists’ shifting relationship to the land during an era of dramatic environmental change, and the feelings of dependence, vulnerability, reciprocity, and stewardship that stem from such change.  

M. Acuff, a professor of art at Whitman College, seeks to encapsulate the aesthetic, ecologic, and material relations that have come to represent the Anthropocene period. Renee Couture is a Program Manager for the Oregon Arts Commission alongside her studio practice, where she investigates the intersections between natural and human landscapes. Washington rancher Carolyn Hopkins examines modern political and ecological perspectives through her own dependence on the land.

The exhibit opened with an artist reception on January 13, and will continue showing until February 10. The Nightingale Gallery in Loso Hall is open to the public 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

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