2020 Eastern Oregon Regional High School Art Exhibition

The Annual High School Art Exhibition at Nightingale Gallery on Eastern Oregon University’s campus hosts numerous works of art from 15 high schools in the surrounding area. Each student can submit up to two works, and all pieces get accepted into the show, thus leading to roughly about 300 artworks in the gallery every year.

This is always the biggest exhibition at the Nightingale Gallery, as every wall is covered in art and numerous pedestals display three-dimensional work. Paintings, drawings, collages, photography, ceramics, and multimedia sculpture fill the space with color and life. Though none of the schools collaborate in what they submit, cultural trends are always present. This year there were quite a few references to popular culture from Star Wars’ baby Yoda to celebrity portraits, such as a homage to the recently passed legend of Kobe Bryant.

The High School Art Exhibition is a must see, many of the artists are extremely skilled and if you attend each year’s show you’d be able to witness the growth of some of the artists’ talents because they return each year throughout their highschool career. Not only is this exhibition a great opportunity for young high school artists to display their work, it also opens up the gateway to more possibilities.

Photo by Hanna Smith / The Voice

Many of the students who partake in the Regional High School Exhibition also go on to attend Eastern Oregon University, and some even study art. These students become familiar with EOU and its Art Department throughout their years in highschool.

Lastly, these artists get a chance to win awards for their artistic talents. Not only does EOU’s Art Faculty pick the best of show for 9th-12th grades and honorable mentions, but local art centers in Eastern Oregon’s counties of Baker, Grant, Umatilla, Union, and Wallowa award promising young artists with cash prizes. The 2020 Eastern Oregon Regional High School Art Exhibition ran February 21st – March 13th.

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