Month: February 2019

  • Fiber Goes Vogue

    Fiber Goes Vogue

    Art Center East is currently holding its third annual Fiber and Jewelry art show. It has been open for several weeks now and will continue to remain open to the public well into March. For this event, artists were asked to pick a photograph out of Vogue and use it as inspiration for a piece…

  • Triple Digits

    Triple Digits

    The EOU Women’s Basketball team took the court against the Walla Walla Wolves. Home court advantage and a 19 game winning streak sent them good vibes while they were on the court the night of the 26th of January. There was a big crowd supporting the players late that Saturday night, hoping for another win…

  • Artist Talk: Nina Elder

    Artist Talk: Nina Elder

    Artist and adventurer, Nina Elder, visited EOU on January 23 and gave a thrilling talk about displacement, piles of rocks, and mines. Put simply, she is curious about where we are as a species, where we have been, and where we are going. She spoke of her travels to Alaska and the things that she…